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How to Succeed with Your Own
Home-Based Embroidery Business

Selecting a Name

Have you selected a name for your business? This effort falls under the getting ready to get started category - selecting a name you will probably use for years. Resist using a name that is overly cutesy, unless what you really want is an overly cutesy name - I won't use any examples of cutesy names here so as not to offend anyone but I am confident you know what I am referring to.

Well, I will use one at the risk of offending several - Monograms by Me. This is the type of name I am referring to as an overly cutesy name. There are probably hundreds of them in the United States alone. It is very possible that companies using this name, and others like it, selected it because it was a cutesy name, in which case it was a wise decision.

Think in terms of selecting a name that sounds like a serious, or at least somewhat serious, business name, one that customers of all different types could take seriously. Keep in mind, while you have decided on the direction you are going to take at the outset of your business, you really do not know - cannot know - where your business is going to end up in several years or more.

I can think of many businesses that have evolved into large concerns from their early beginnings on the kitchen table. If you did not know about their humble start, you would have a very difficult time understanding their choice of business names.
The internet is a powerful marketing tool when used properly and can be an avenue to consider for your new business. When selecting a name for your company, it is a wise idea to check to see if the name you have chosen is available as a .com domain name.

If it is available, and once you have firmly decided on the name, you might consider registering the name with one of several internet domain name registration companies. Domain name registration is generally inexpensive and can be well worth the small cost and effort required to register your choice of names.


Make Your Embroidery Business What You Want It To Be from the Beginning

Choosing a Direction for Your Embroidery Business That Fits Your Desired Lifestyle

Embroidery Business Start-Up Issues That You Should Be Aware Of

Work from Home?

Select a Name for Your Company

Selecting a Logo for Your Company

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Embroidery Equipment Basics

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Embroidery Supplies

Detailed Discussion on Embroidery Software

Should You Learn to Digitize or Use a Service Bureau Digitizer?

Sales and Marketing Tips for Your Home-Based Embroidery Business

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